Alter Ego Offer

Agency Alter Ego offers not only a standard scope of services that characterizes modern Web design, but much more. In our line of work we adhere to the basic principle that the client's wishes must at all costs be met, and that the final result comes only with the active role of all stakeholders. Each site is a separate entity and in this sense we always approach the task from scratch, interviewing clients and getting to the gist of their needs, with the possibility of continuous monitoring and consideration of suggestions during the creation process.

Our principle is to find unique and original solutions so that each web site makes a recognizable impact online. We tend to avoid the use of templates, resorting to "hands-on" approach as much as possible, hence somewhat extending the creativity period, but assuring an original approach to each individual assignment.

How to define a web site design...    >>>

The character of a web design is reflected in the invested effort and the designer-client relationship. The client must have an idea of ​​what exactly s/he wants to achieve and at least, in general terms, to express a vision of what s/he wants to create in a presentation, while the designers work to translate that vision into action. Yet our focus is on a third party - a visitor to the web site, to whom the entire concept must be subordinated, one on which the success of the presentation shall depend.

Here all the complexity of a web designer's developers (designers, in a broad sense) becomes apparent, their task being to meet the client's vision, use all imagination and knowledge to shape the web site in a desired way, being efficient yet original at the same time, and finally - to adapt their work to different search engines which, due to their particularities, often cause headaches in finding optimal solutions. All this should be considered while also minding the diverse structure of site visitors, and optimizing the creativity to meet the client's requirements.

One of the basic dilemmas is the very approach to design. In an attempt to showcase all his knowledge, the developer (designer) can fall into the trap of providing a variety of complex solutions that not only increase the "weight" of the web page (and consequently the loading speed), but also pose risks to users with poor computer performance, or missing plugin-is, newer versions of browsers, etc. thus being deprived of the appearance of the presentation in the original version. In spite of all the tricks and ways of overcoming such situations, there is always the risk of a playful and rather cluttered site, rejecting rather than attracting visitors.

Likewise, "playing it safe" or the use, of academic and universally accepted principles, simple and practical solution may not always be the optimal way to develop your web site. In this case, the risk to be not so dissimilar to the sea of other web sites out there, hence remaining unnoticed and not achieving the desired goal rather than attracting a visitor back to your site.

The developer (designer) must have all this in mind when creating a web site, the key being to "read" the client's mind and meet both their requirements and those of the target group. It is evident that the approach will vary when, say, creating a business web site for a public organization (where rigor and uniformity are imperative), or an entertainment and advertising web site that involves a greater degree of originality and imagination.

Therefore, it is instrumental that the whole scheme is clearly defined in ideas and customer profiling, as well as a clear understanding by the developer of what such ideas should embody in the most appropriate way possible. In order to help inspire you for your future site, we advise you to visit the CSS Garden – a website featuring some fine examples of modern design, and witness the CSS as an inevitable web development style.

Finally, regarding the Agency's Alter Ego and the web site you are presently viewing, the idea was just to demonstrate the effect of two different styles of mediation in one place and often combining disparate ideas - with strict professionalism and lively imagination. Although we generally respect the universal principles of web site creation, we prefer atypical and original solutions in the event that such a concept corresponds to the client. Rigid rules of HTML can be overcome, the design need not always be "rectilinear" - an academic dejà vu - the edges can be rounded and the web site may take the form of a fluid, which was the idea when making ours.

We are aware that the design may have somewhat been sacrificed at the expense of the abundance of text that often "overkills" the space and ideas, albeit  our intention had been to offer a wealth of useful information in a single place. We have combined retro elements with modern design and the use of effects down to a reasonable level, given the purpose and character of the target group. Assessing the success of the whole idea can be given only by those for whom the web site had been designed and intended. In this sense, we are happy to hear your opinions, objections, criticisms or praise, if possible. This is just a vision subject to continuous improvement and evolution.

Price List

The Price List is not fixed and it mutually correlates with the type and quantity of used items, thus depending on web site complexity. When meeting potential clients, an agreement is achieved on the value of services to be rendered, based on the requirements of the client. Yet, rest assured that even our lowest quotation shall bear the distinctive design and implementation of all necessary attributes and quality of a modern web site.

Breakdown of services rendered, inclusive or exclusive basic web design:

Graphic design:

  • designing and producing a logo and visual identification for legal and natural persons,
  • design and development solutions for posters, flyers, advertisements, business cards and other graphic elements not mentioned above,
  • retouching and processing digital photos.


  • banner design,
  • development of animation, animated commercials, slide presentations, and (classical or animated) web icons,
  • preloader generation.

Web design:

  • building a web presentation to any level of complexity,
  • development of classical or non-standard (animated) navigation
  • uploading photos and images, implementing slide show presentations,
  • inputting and processing of all types of text in digital form,
  • insertion of meta tags and addressing all issues pertaining to adequate optimization of web site on search engines,
  • the ability to create interactive websites, inserting the script in the form of surveys, forms, statistics, client forms, as needed,
  • implementation of different types of widgets and add-ons to the presentation, such as weather forecasts, exchange rates, etc,
  • the possibility of setting up the site on the Internet, subsequent updating, expansion and improvement with the consent of the client, as well as possible maintenance on a weekly or monthly basis,
  • advisory services related to domain selection, hosting services, design selection, colors and everything else that characterizes the process of developing and running a web site.

Other services:

  • free advertising on our web site, affiliation and banner exchange to ascertain greater online presence,
  • translation to English language,
  • development of Power Point presentations.

Alter Ego Accountancy services:

  • complete bookkeeping, preparation of balance, final accounts, representing clients and other services in the field of accounting, with advisory action; find out more on the economic i.e. separate section of our web site