Alter Ego Agency Price List

accountantsDue to the complexity of work we do, as well as the specifics of each area covered, prices are adjusted for each client.

Accounting services are calculated as a monthly amount that does not change until major changes take place in your business, and then only once a mutual agreement on continued cooperation is reached.

A generic Price List is available from our Agency, yet a detailed price list can only be prepared by working with and through an agreement with you, taking into account the activities, scope of business, as well as other important factors related to your business.

Besides, we also offer you the possibility of third party mediation throughout your accountant selection process, trusting that progress could also be achieved work by working with people who are familiar with your business, who are experienced, characterized by persistent work and active in monitoring and enforcement of the pertinent rules and regulations.

Breakdown of our basic services:


  • business establishment,
  • bookkeeping,
  • analytical records, balances, accounts, listings of open items,
  • keeping tax records,
  • VAT (value added tax) calculation,
  • amortization of fixed assets,
  • payroll, benefits,
  • calculation of social contributions for taxpayers,
  • billing service contracts, royalties, etc,
  • inventory accounting for retail,
  • maintenance payments,
  • interest calculation,
  • preparation of documents for obtaining bank loans,
  • preparation of final accounts,
  • various other services on request of clients in the field of accounting.

Counselling and mediation:

  • advice in all areas of accounting, financial management and taxation,
  • active representation of clients auditing bodies,
  • advice on "how to run a business",
  • advice on "how to provide the means of financing".

Alter Ego web design:

  • Complete design and development of your visual identity, graphic design, web design, animations, banners, online web site launch and its regular technical support and maintenance, as well as all related services from the aforementioned areas and all areas pertaining to web design. Find out more in the separate section of our web presentation