Why Alter Ego?

graphDo you value qualities such as promptness, professionalism and fairness, in your line of work? If yes, then entrust them to the team that will give your business a new dimension!

Our "day to day" principle allows customers' access to all accounting services and statement reports, both for auditing bodies and for the management of a firm. This unique working philosophy and approach to obligations provides your company greater efficiency and better productivity.

We fully co-operate with our clients in the process of business development. Our biggest challenge are newly-established firms that are carefully monitored by our team and directed towards the optimal tax solutions to reduce tax exposure and improving the same success in this dynamic and challenging times.

We are not just a bookkeeping agency. We are also brokers looking for an accountant tailored to your needs or following recommendations of other accounting agencies.

About liquidity...    >>>

Liquidity is defined as the debtor's ability to properly settle financial obligations in a timely manner. The liquidity of a company as a business entity in the commodity-monetary economy, should be distinguished from the liquidity of funds. Company's liquidity is defined as its ability to meet its obligations in a timely manner.

This ability is conditioned by a series of elements: first, the flow of working capital through the business cycle, the timeliness of obligations, the timing of debt and own sources of financing. In order to maintain the required liquidity of a company, planning is essential to financial flows and particularly - cash flow and net working capital.

Liquidity means the ability to evaluate resources from the material form to transform into cash. Liquid assets are those that are in the form of cash or close to it. Given its dissimilarities to funds, we can talk about levels of liquidity.

Thus, fixed assets are less liquid than the working capital. Within working capital stocks of finished products are more liquid than intermediate goods, whilst claims are even more liquid being similar to cash.

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About accounting documents...    >>>

Accounting documents are, along standard ones, such documents delivered by electronic means, including electronic exchange of data between computers in accordance with law, provided that the electronic document - accounting documents submitted electronically to be endorsed with electronic signature and confirmed via an electronic message between the sender and the recipient – is in accordance with the Law.

Accounting documents prepared in electronic form on a computer must have an electronic signature of the person who drafted the document or other authorized electronic signature.

Accounting documents prepared on a computer need not contain a signature (and stamp), provided that such are signed by electronic signature in accordance with the Law on Electronic Signatures.

There are currently four organizations in Serbia, chartered with the Register of certification bodies for issuing qualified electronic certificates, i.e: Public Enterprise of PTT Serbia - e-business branch, Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the Serbian Ministry of Interior i Halcom BG CA.

Unicredit Bank Credit Agricole Bank Piraeus Bank
Raiffeisen Bank Vojvođanska Banka Societe Generale Bank
Erste Bank Poštanska Štedionica Findomestic Bank
Hypo-Alpe-Adria Bank ProCredit Bank Credy Bank
Komercijalna Banka NLB Bank Volksbank
Banca Intesa Marfin Bank AIK Bank
OTP Bank KBC Bank Razvojna Banka Vojvodine
Alpha Bank Eurobank EFG Porsche Leasing
Serbian Bank Bank of Moscow S-Leasing